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Intensify fat loss with lean muscle mass retention – Burn Lab Pro!

Are you on a fasted training routine or are you on a paleo diet routine and want to lose fast? Or you are probably following any of these diet and exercise routines but iseventually losing your valuable muscle mass as well. If this has happened to you, you need to find a solution that burns fat and retains muscle mass.

If you have already thought about it and is frustrated with the several no-value supplements, then you are on the right page. We have the best solution which will let you burn fat and gain and retain lean muscle mass – it is Burn Lab Pro. This supplement is incredibly clean, comfortable to use, and contains branded ingredients.

We have complete information about this only fat loss formula below. And don’t worry, we have not given any misleading information; every fact below is genuine.

Burn Lab Pro Key Points

What is Burn Lab Pro?

Burn Lab Pro is an intense fat-burning dietary supplement that makes you stronger, keeps your muscle mass intact while shedding the excess layers of fats. It helps you achieve body goals quickly and easily and supports intense fat loss. It is an effective stimulant-free, world’s cleanest fat burner presented by the Opti Nutra Limited.

It is a potent stack of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients and is comprised in clinical doses. Even after you have completed your workout, this supplement nourishes your muscles and makes and keeps them stronger and in better shape and form.

How does Burn Lab Pro work?

Burn Lab Pro works in the following three pathways to generate body results effectively:

  1. Decreases fat – It helps in the calorie-burning process during workout and exercise routines and even when the body is at complete rest. It inhibits fat storage deposits and improves your control over appetite and hunger pangs.

  2. Increases exercise capacity – It increases strength, aerobic intensity, and endurance to double up fitness gains and burn a greater number of calories.

  3. Increase muscle-mass retention – It nurtures muscle mass when you are on fasted training. It also increases muscle mass and improves recovery time.

Burn Lab Pro Ingredients & Composition

  1. Forslean – 375mg – This research-backed ingredient burns fat and builds muscle mass simultaneously. This Ayurvedic root herb works on your metabolic rate, fat breakdown, muscle growth, and other aspects favorably. It has been proven in clinical labs. It is well-tolerated and offers nootropic benefits as well. It is patented and standardized as well.

  2. Capsimax – 75mg – It maximizes calorie burnout and reduces calorie intake. It blocks fat storage, controls appetite, and stabilizes energy levels. Cayenne pepper powder is amazing on fat loss results, and this ingredient provides you with the same.

  3. HMB B-Hydroxy B-Methylbutyrate – 1500mg – A boosting ingredient to enhance your athletic intensity, it burns fat and gives you a lean body image. It helps you to intensify training programs and diet routines. It has undergone several tests of purity and potency and maintains a proper body composition.

  4. NutriGenesis GTF Chromium – 90mcg – This insulin-enhancing ingredient is helpful in balancing your glucose levels and helps you to burn glucose for energy and not convert it into fat layers. It strengthens muscles, maintains energy, and overcomes insulin resistance issues. It is clean and a highly effective chromium version.

  5. Bioperine Black Pepper Extract – 3.75mg – It makes your body ready to burn calories, increases nutrient absorption, and makes this formula work efficiently. It helps enter your body into a thermogenesis state and helps your body to absorb ingredients in the most potent way. This black pepper extract is highly purified and is a patented bioenhancer.

How is Burn Lab Pro better than other fat burners?

  1. Specific supplement – Burn Lab Pro is an incredible supplement that helps people on keto and other diet plans like intermittent fasting and more. It also helps people who are on a fasted training routine or is undergoing cuttig phases. Moreover, if you want to experience jitter-free strength while training and reduce belly fat, then this is the supplement you should go for. Other brands do not focus on what you are undergoing and what you want in a supplement. They just want you to lose your appetite and stop munching on calories.

  2. Ingredients – If you check the ingredients of other brands, they are nothing valuable compared to Burn Lab Pro. The ingredients in Burn Lab Pro are patented, branded, scientifically proven, and clean.

  3. Brand advantages – Other brands do not provide any product guarantee, deals, offers, fast and worldwide shipping. Hence, it becomes difficult for someone to purchase supplements from such brands. But Burn Lab Pro makers are very understanding as they know what you want in a supplement and how you want the brand to back you up. Hence, Opti Nutra Ltd provides deals, money-back guarantees, worldwide and fast shipping, and other benefits.

  4. Beneficial for those people who are on specialized diets and exercises – Other brands do not consider your diet plans and exercise routines. They simply focus on weight loss. However, Burn Lab Pro makers are helpful for those who are on specialized diet routines and exercise schedules.
Your body goals are now made easy, Order Burn Lab Pro to torch that stubborn fat!

Benefits of using Burn Lab Pro

Burn Lab Pro works in two ways:

It retains muscle mass – It increases your intensity, capacity, and endurance for the requisite workout sessions. It helps muscles to grow naturally without consuming any artificial and harmful anabolic ingredients. It promotes quick recovery without the need for strong stimulants. It safeguards, nurtures, and promotes lean muscle growth while helping you get rid of the fats.

It burns fat – It burns more calories during a workout session and even at rest. It balances energy and suppresses appetite. It breaks down fat cells to boost energy without affecting muscle mass.

  1. Burn Lab Pro is an excellent supplement to lose weight and unnecessary fat and retain muscle mass required by bodybuilders, athletes and sportspeople.

  2. It is legal and not a steroid or SARM.

  3. It is safe to consume, as it is devoid of allergens and even caffeine, so you won’t feel uneasy when your appetite is curbed for a significant loss of weight.

  4. All the ingredients added to the supplement are scientifically proven, and one can read further on the official website.

  5. Customers around the globe know that this supplement has worked for them, and so they have reviewed it on several platforms. It is always a good decision to read the reviews before adding any supplement into your routine.

  6. The product or supplement guarantee lasts for 30 days, and it is sufficient time to recognize whether it really suits you and is helping in the bodybuilding process or not.

  7. The package deals are good, but if you want to buy a single bottle, you can go for it too. However, buying more than 2 bottles is recommended as you save your hard-earned money.

  8. The authentic, clean, and naturally sourced ingredients are worth each penny you spend on this supplement.
  1. As a customer you might be a little skeptical about delivery issues while buying directly from the official website, but you will not as Burn Lab Pro is supplied by reliable owners.

  2. It is pricey for some customers, but don’t worry, the money-back guarantee will help you return the product and get your back in return if you do not like it.

Does Burn Lab Pro have side effects?

Clean and safe ingredients are the main USP of Burn Lab Pro, this calorie-burning supplement is manufactured with 100 percent plant-based capsules, and they are easy on your stomach. It is free from GMOs, artificial preservatives and colors, additives, allergens, gluten, and other substances that are not suitable for some people. This product ensures that you seek the desired body benefits without any unpleasant impact on your health.

If you are not much confident whether it will be suitable for you or not, then taking a doctor’s opinion is the best thing to do. You could be suffering from any allergy or maybe consuming a medicine; in such cases, it is advisable for you to take this step and not jump on trying any supplement.


It is unfair to doubt the efficiency of Burn Lab Pro because it has a good reputation amongst worldwide customers, including weightlifting champions and bodybuilders. It is one of the best fat-burning supplements specially designed for bodybuilders. It doesn’t let you lose your muscle mass, so no worries there. It helps you in the journey of becoming a pro in your respective field; it could be bodybuilding, athletics, or just a passion for fitness.

Because this supplement has been praised worldwide by its customers, we can assure it for a fact that Burn Lab Pro is not a scam, and it will really work. The chain is increasing, and you will seek the guaranteed effects of this supplement. So, go through the reviews as they are genuine. Your gut feeling will direct your decision instantly.

And if you buy the four monthly supply packages, you will not be short of supplements for a long time as they also provide you a free bottle of Burn Lab Pro. You need to take 2 capsules daily approximately 15 mins prior to training time, so one bottle will last for a month or so. So, plan your shopping accordingly.

Want to buy Burn Lab Pro? Top Reasons to make it a part of your Life

  1. Savings and free bottles on certain packages.

  2. 30-day guarantee with a money-back promise.

  3. Fast, worldwide shipping.

  4. No doctor’s approval is needed to buy (unless you have a medical condition).

  5. Clean and comfortable fat-burning supplement.

  6. Safe and secure checkout process.

  7. Guarantees fat burn with muscle mass retention.

Burn Lab Pro Price & Packages

Supply for one month (1 Box)$35.40  
Supply for two months (2 Boxes)$70.80  
Supply for 4 months (Buy 3 boxes + get One box FREE)$106.20  
Where to Buy Burn Lab Pro?Visit the Official Website to Buy Burn Lab Pro Risk-Free!


Q1. Who must take Burn Lab Pro?

Ans.: Those who want to gain and retain muscle mass but get rid of the rigid fat should take Burn Lab Pro. They should surely be involved in weight loss programs, exercise routines, and diets, this supplement is here to fast-track the process of weight loss, and will help you lose weight and retain muscle mass effectively.

Q2. Does Burn Lab Pro help during fasted training?

Ans.: Fasted training is exercising on an empty stomach, not eating anything before exercising. According to experts, this type of training is excellent for burning fat. The best thing is that Burn Lab Pro is formulated to support fasted training outcomes and reduce the demerits of this training program.

Q3. How should Burn Lab Pro be consumed?

Ans.: Consume 2-4 capsules 15 minutes before a training session. Yes, as it supports fasted training, it can be taken on an empty stomach.

Q4. Is there caffeine in Burn Lab Pro?

Ans.: No. Usually, we know that weight loss supplements have a popular ingredient, caffeine, but it results in side effects for some people, and they cannot well tolerate it properly. Hence, Burn Lab Pro has been designed to skip the caffeine content. The non-caffeine ingredients present in this supplement improve metabolic activities.

Q5. How long is the period of the money-back guarantee?

Ans.: Opti Nutra Ltd offers 30 days guarantee. This time period is sufficient to try and experience the product and determine whether it is satisfactory or not.

Q6. What is the company name of Burn Lab Pro?

Ans.: Opti-Nutra Limited is the company that has manufactured this supplement to accelerate fat burning.

Q7. Does the company provide worldwide shipping?

Ans.: Yes, the company provides fast shipping around the world. However, check the country list if you are doubtful about the delivery.

Client Feedback

Name – Mike. (Florida, United States)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Age – 38.
– To burn fat but keep the muscle boost on.
Feedback“If there is a certain standard of excellence set for health supplements, then they should learn from Burn Lab Pro. The makers of this supplement have been religious in supplying information, adding scientific and valuable ingredients, and working up to the customers’ expectations to burn fat and build up and retain muscle mass. Do I sound exaggerating about the review? Then, you can try it and accept it as a challenge. The money-back-guarantee will back you up, so don’t worry at all. I had tried it with a lot of doubt and queries in my mind, but it worked for me actually. It took time, to be frank, and the fat burn didn’t happen overnight, but I am satisfied with the steady and significant results.”

Name – Intan. (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Age – 29.
– To become a champion.
Feedback“I don’t set generic goals like losing weight and gaining muscle mass. I had set a specific goal – to become a weightlifting champion. And for me, my only companions were my health supplements along with a rigorous exercise routine. I had a hard time choosing supplements because I also had belly fat which was too rigid to lose. When I found Burn Lab Pro, I was happy. I believed in the product because their official website seemed valid and is full of information, and no false claims were made by the makers. I experienced the results within 2 months as my fat was stubborn and now, I am super confident and happy about the decision I took to buy this supplement. So, if you want a fat burner but don’t wish to lose muscle mass, then this is the best.”

Name: Chase (Manilla, Philippines)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Age: 41
– For high energy levels
Feedback“I’ve been using Burn Lab Pro for about a month now and I have to say that I’m really impressed! The energy levels are really high and it really helps me push through my workouts. I definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for an edge in their workout.”

Name: Carlos (Dubai, UAE)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Age: 25
– Better Recovery from workout pain
Feedback“I’m so glad I found Burn Lab Pro! I was struggling with recovering from my workouts and was in a lot of pain after training. I decided to give Burn Lab Pro a try and it has made such a difference! My recovery time has decreased significantly and the cramping has reduced. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking for better post-workout relief!”

Name: Zion (Auckland, New Zealand)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Age: 39
– For a Reduction in Chest Fat
FeedbackI’m so happy I found Burn Lab Pro! I’ve been struggling to lose my last few pounds of chest fat and this product has really helped. I’ve been using it for about a month now and have lost 3 inches off my chest! It’s easy to use and smooth on the stomach. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to lose weight.

Name: Wyatt (Brisbane, Australia)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Age: 52
– For supporting harder, more intense training
Feedback – “I’m a big fan of Burn Lab Pro. I’ve been using it to support my harder, more intense training and I love the results! I’ve seen a real increase in my strength and endurance since starting to use it. The Burn Lab Pro formula is really effective and helps me power through my toughest workouts. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an edge in their training.”

Keep your hard work; lose the weight speedily with Burn Lab Pro, Click to Order!
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