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Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer: More gains with every scoop!

You must have surely tried a protein powder, peanut butter or a meal replacement shake sometime or the other! How was the experience? Perhaps, you will never try it again in your life and must have sworn that you will never think about such random powders available in the market and that’s what has landed you to this review.

Well, it is wrong to quit completely. You can change your approach to searching for the right supplement. You can research beforehand, know more about the company, read reviews, and call/chat with the customer support team if you have any additional doubts. This is the right and justified approach before you just give up on protein powders completely.

So, if you are still looking for muscle growth and mass gain powder that is effective and delicious, then Mass Gainer by Crazy Nutrition is the right product for you. Still can’t believe it? Continue reading to know what the powder has to offer.

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Key Points

What is Mass Gainer by Crazy Nutrition?

Mass Gainer is the ultimate muscle mass gaining supplement by Crazy Nutrition which contains almost 695 calories but packs your physique with muscles and not fats. It gives you the much-needed pack of muscles and avoids energy crashes, and does not give any unpleasant effects like gas and bloating because the blend is added with digestive enzymes in order to keep bloating and related issues at a distance.

It is available in two delicious and yummy flavors; Chocolate and Vanilla, and are really good to taste. Also, you can determine the number of tubs needed by you as per your workout routine by asking the brand about it. They will ask how many days in a week you work out, and they will provide the exact number of tubs you will require.  It is a suitable measure for anyone into fitness and sports, including those who work out at the gym, are into long-distance running, undergo outdoor activities, does CrossFit and resistance training.

How does Mass Gainer work?

Crazy Nutrition’s Mass Gainer has been prepared to help increase the pack of muscle mass on your body and recover your muscles easily and quickly from pain, soreness, and fatigue without using any energy drinks or other synthetic alternatives. It also helps you to control your appetite without feeling any crashes.

Special ingredients in this formula help you digest the proteins and carbs without experiencing any awkward and unpleasant situations such as gas and bloating. You do not notice the blood sugar fluctuations, and the nutrients are absorbed well into the body.

Mass Gainer Ingredients and Composition

  1. Creatine Monohydrate – It is a popular and effective ingredient and is used widely in pre-workout and post-workout formulas. It is good for muscle growth and strength and improves recovery. It is a legal ingredient and has been widely used by most brands.

  2. ASTRAGIN (Astragalus membranaceus and Panax notoginseng root extracts) – AstraGin is a combination of astragalus and panax ginseng. This blend will repair the muscle tissues and let you recover from crashes and intense workouts easily. It also increases the bioavailability factor of other ingredients. It helps you achieve your fitness goals.

  3. SENACTIV (Panax notoginseng root and Rosa roxburghi fruit extract) – This ingredient has been carefully formulated to enable exercise recovery benefits. It produces more ATP, thereby increasing your energy levels rapidly.

  4. DigeZyme Enzyme Complex (Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Lactase, Lipase) – This is a perfect combination of these digestive enzymes and helps improve food digestion easily. It breaks down food particles and helps your body absorb nutrients and food properly. During this process, it does not make you feel bloated or gassy anytime. It just works on easy and better digestion effects.

  5. Gluten-free Oat Flour – Oats are basically free of gluten and they are rich sources of fiber and other important nutrients. Oat flour protects your gut bacteria, boosts digestion and suppresses your hunger pangs

  6. Carb10 – This ingredient is a patented version of pea starch, and is helpful in the digestion of food and other ingredients contained in this pack. It supplies sufficient complex carbs to your body without affecting your blood sugar levels negatively. According to clinical trial results, this ingredient has proven lower insulin responses by 87 percent as compared to maltodextrin.

  7. Flaxseed Powder – We all know that flaxseeds have a great rep as they are rich in Omega-3 and fibers. All these help in better digestion and control higher glucose levels.

  8. Whey Protein Blend – It is a blend because it consists of isolate and concentrated versions of whey and promotes muscle growth. It also supplies amino acids to build strength.

  9. Sweet Potato Flour – Sweet potato flour contains minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients to promote muscle growth. It optimizes your glycaemic index and controls the sugar cravings that come out of nowhere.

How is Mass Gainer better as compared to other Bulking Supplement brands?

  1. No fillers – Other protein powders are packed with fillers and do nothing to your body except the gas and bloating issues you experience. But Mass Gainer is an ultimate product with no fillers, only related and research-backed ingredients.

  2. Better Taste – The taste of other branded powders is awkward and chalky, as a result, you lose interest in it within one day. But Mass Gainer is delicious and is available in two varieties; Chocolate and Vanilla. So, you can choose as per your preference.

  3. Product guarantee – Mass Gainer is available with a 60-day money-back guarantee, but other brands do not have this option, so your money is lost the moment you don’t like the product, and the owners do not care about it. But this is certainly not the case with Mass Gainer, as it backs every customer with an industry-leading 60 days money-back guarantee.

  4. Shipping – Free shipping is available on certain orders by Mass Gainer makers. However, other brands do not offer this free and fast shipping facility, and tracking your packages can be a huge concern.

  5. No side effects – Other protein powders make you feel bloated, gassy, and you experience crashes. But Mass Gainer does not make you experience such unpleasant side effects as it has added digestive enzymes. As a consequence, it always makes you feel awesome.
Make way for more muscle mass and no fat with Mass Gainer, visit Crazy Nutrition Official Website.

Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Benefits

The unique benefits of Mass Gainer are:

  1. Mass Gainer increases the pack of muscles and not fat layers on your body.
  2. It supplies 50 grams of protein and builds up strength.
  3. It lets your body experience more physical and mental energy levels.
  4. It improves muscle recovery when you work out intensively in the gym.

As a product of Crazy Nutrition, Mass Gainer results in the following benefits:

  1. Mass Gainer supports weight management goals, and it keeps you satisfied and energized without experiencing frequency hunger pangs or energy crashes.
  2. It helps enhance focus and energy to motivate you, clear out your mind and experience a smooth flow of enthusiasm.
  3. It improves recovery, no matter how hard you hit the gym floor.
  4. It doubles up your mental and physical performance levels.
  5. It lets you decrease body weight and lift more weights in the weight room.
  1. Mass Gainer is incredible in energizing you the whole day and giving your best in the gym for tremendous muscle growth and retention.
  2. It is made with excellent quality and well-researched ingredients. These are not simple ingredients but formulas that have scientific evidence.
  3. It is a legal and safe powder and can be easily consumed by everyone.
  4. It is delicious without artificial ingredients.
  5. It has been well-researched and well-appreciated worldwide.
  6. A product guarantee is provided by the brand owners. Crazy Nutrition‘s guarantee lasts for 60 complete days, which is sufficient to make the requisite return-related decision.
  7. The subscription facility is good and money-saving but not mandatory, and the prices of single tubs of this powder are not too high compared to the other branded powders.
  1. You might be skeptical about delivery-related issues as several customers complain about new and online brands. But Crazy Nutrition by Wolfson Brands (UK) Ltd., has been supplying health supplements for years, and they resolve delivery and shipping-related concerns instantly with their 24 hours chat support.
  2. If you think that the demerit of Mass Gainer is its price, no worries. The supplements are so potent that you will need more of them in the future, and so you can save more by subscribing to them.

Does Mass Gainer have side effects?

Want to buy Mass Gainer? Top Reasons to Try this Crazy Nutrition Supplement

  1. Save money with the ‘subscribe and save’ facility.

  2. Free shipping on most of the bulk orders.

  3. 60-days money-back guarantee.

  4. Available in delicious chocolate and vanilla flavors.

  5. No need for a doctor’s prescription.

  6. Safe and secure payments through Shopify and PayPal.

  7. Delicious taste and easy to consume.

Price of this Super Mass Gainer by Crazy Nutrition

It’s time to boost your muscle mass production with a Few Scoops a day, Buy Mass Gainer from the Crazy Nutrition Official Website.


Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer is a superb dietary supplement powder, and there is no doubt about its composition and benefits. It will always work for you as it has done wonders for several other customers around the world. It is for men and women of all ages and belonging to varied professions, provided they have a deep interest in bodybuilding, sports, athletics, and fitness. It is meant to boost your energy and give your best in the gym and daily life without any compromises and stomach discomforts.

Worldwide men and women customers have appreciated the makers of Mass Gainer for coming up with this unique formula and blessing them with the needful. You can find the reviews on the official website and other web platforms. Yes, reviews are an excellent way to know about a product’s efficacy, and you can determine the same through the genuine reviews of Mass Gainer.

The next thing to note is planning your purchase while ordering for Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer and other supplements. Do not rush. If it is your first time, go for a single tub but when you become regular and seek faith in this product, try to order in bulk or subscribe as you will save the effort and money of repeating the same kind of orders.


Q1. What is the function of Mass Gainer?

Ans.: Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer helps you gain muscle mass rapidly without putting on weight and unnecessary fat on your body. So, what you will notice in your physique is the bulks of muscles and not fat. It also helps you avoid energy crashes during workouts and balances your healthy blood sugar levels.

Q2. Is Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer right for you?

Ans.: If you want something that is not junk but effective, is reasonable and natural, then, yeah, Mass Gainer is for you.

Q3. Is Mass Gainer good to taste?

Ans.: Yes. The makers have refined the taste of this mass gainer protein powder after several attempts and ensured that the product is delicious in taste. And thus, is available in 2 flavours, namely Vanilla and Chocolate.

Q4. When can one expect the results of Mass Gainer?

Ans.: It depends on your body composition and other factors to determine the actual results. But you will soon notice the initial effects and feel fantastic in a few months.

Q5. What happens if a customer is not very happy with Mass Gainer?

Ans.: If one is not happy with the Mass Gainer, then you can ship it back to them within 60 days, and your full amount will be refunded instantly without asking any questions to you or without convincing you.

Q6. Is it safe to use credit cards on the website?

Ans.: Yes, all the payments are processed through PayPal and Shopify, and hence, it is safe to make credit card payments. Moreover, the payment processing platform is safe and encrypted.

Q7. Within how many working days can one expect the package?

Answer: US and UK customers can expect packages within 5 working days. For other countries, the package will be received within 10 working days.

Q8. Can a subscription be canceled if a customer does not wish to continue?

Answer: Of course, you can cancel the subscription anytime. However, better remember your login details to do the same.

Client Feedback

Name – Jillian (Boston, United States)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Age – 29.
– To build muscles.
Feedback“Let me tell you that this is not the first time I am writing a review for a health product. I have tried several bulking formulas, and I have always written negative things about them because they all were terrible and did nothing for me. I found that I was simply wasting time, money, and expectations on these products, and they did absolutely nothing to me. But as I tried Mass Gainer by Crazy Nutrition, it really worked. I was surprised as I had very little expectation out of it, and it was a recommendation from my gym friend, and I had bet that it too would do nothing for me. But to my surprise, it turned out to be effective and result-oriented. Now, I have subscribed to Crazy Nutrition so that I don’t run out of stock and always have enough supply when I work out.”

Name – Danny (Melbourne, Australia)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Age – 36.
– For gains and no fluff.
Feedback“If you can’t believe it, I will suggest you take a closer look at the ingredients of this product and then come back to this review. You will be half-convinced. Now, let me tell you about my experience. I started it a few months back when I was exhausted with the workouts, and I could not witness any gains in my physique. I looked the same, even if I was working out daily. I tried Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer, and I am happy they created this product for people like me. It is delicious and makes me feel amazing and energetic for the rest of the day.”

Name: Logan (Wellington, New Zealand)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Age: 41
– The Best Meal Replacement Formula
Feedback – “I’m so glad I found this mass gainer! It’s the perfect food replacement for me. I’ve been trying to put on some weight and this has really helped. The taste is great and it’s really easy to mix with milk or water. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to gain weight and gain big bulks.”

Name: Kai (Depok City, Indonesia)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Age: 32
– For speeded up post-workout muscle recovery
Feedback“I’m a big fan of muscle recovery supplements and I was excited to try Mass Gainer by Crazy Bulk. I wasn’t disappointed! The powder mixes easily with any beverage and has a mild, pleasant, yet mouth-watering flavor. I’ve been using it for about a week now and I’ve definitely seen a difference in my muscle recovery time. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for an edge in their muscle recovery routine.”

Name: Josiah (Manila, Philippines)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Age: 28
– For Fast Gains in Muscle
Feedback“I’m a guy, and I love weightlifting. I’m always looking for ways to gain muscle mass and strength faster. A friend told me about Mass Gainer, and I decided to try it. It’s amazing! I’ve been using it for about a month, and my gains have been phenomenal. My muscles are getting bigger and stronger faster than ever before. I highly recommend Mass Gainer to anyone looking to increase their muscle mass and strength quickly.”

Name: Eli (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Age: 39
– The Best Gluten-Free Mass Gainer Protein Powder
Feedback“I absolutely love this gluten-free mass gainer protein powder! It has been a huge help in helping me to put on muscle mass. The powder is delicious and easy to mix and cause no gas or bloating. Thanks Crazy Nutrition for this additional support.”

Try the whole food sourced carbs now from the Official Crazy Nutrition Mass Gainer Website.
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