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Performance Lab Mind – Reignite and Refuel your Brain Powers!

A couple of decades back, our brains worked efficiently. We could recollect the telephone numbers of our near and dear ones, never forget their birthdays, and could work on a single project with ultimate focus. But with the advancement of mobile and other technologies, we had to pay the price for comfort and luxury in the form of lesser cognitive abilities. It takes considerable effort to remember someone’s phone number. Hey, what’s worse is, some of us even don’t remember our own phone numbers.

Hence, it has become inevitable to work on our brain’s powers and take them to the next level through exercise and nutrition. Yes, a phone detox can help you to relax and rejuvenate your powers, but a brain-related supplement or a nootropic can achieve the same purpose more firmly.

This calls for reviewing an authentic nootropic from a reputed brand, Opti-Nutra Ltd., – Performance Lab Mind. We are sure you will not regret reading this review for some time. It will definitely help in decision-making, and that’s our promise.

Performance Lab Mind Key points

What is Performance Lab Mind?

Performance Lab Mind is an effective nootropic dietary supplement to boost a persons’ brainpower and get rid of the external and resistance blocking their minds. It increases brain energy by 13.6 percent, improves memory and focus, and helps recovers quickly from external mental exhaustion and elements.

Approved by the Vegetarian Society, this nootropic works on the major cognitive functions and helps you successfully recover from stress and burnout situations. It contains highly potent and advanced ingredients to drive your mental performance levels to the top.

How does Performance Lab Mind work?

Performance Lab Mind is an ultra-modern and revolutionary supplement that ensures higher peak performance of your brain and mental elements. It is free from stimulants and delivers optimal neuro-nutrients to the brain to promote cerebral blood flow and also brain cell membrane formation. It contains advanced forms of ingredients to boost your multi-tasking abilities without getting fatigued. It promotes recovery, a healthy brain, and other cognitive functions that your daily meal does not do.

Performance Lab Mind Ingredients and Natural Composition

  1. Cognizin Citicoline – 250mg.
    This compound is essential for cognitive improvement and other brain health functions.
    1. It develops brain cells,
    2. Improves learning and memory capabilities,
    3. Produces more mental energy,
    4. Supplies oxygen and other nutrients to the brain,
    5. And regenerates brain cells.

      This patented ingredient uses advanced nutrition technology to improve the different functions of your brain and maintain brain health, such as memory, learning, processing, and others.

      The cell membrane formation is increased by 26 percent by this ingredient.

  2. Sharp-PS Green (Soy-Free Phosphatidylserine) – 10mg.
    It ensures long-term brain health and other cognitive functions.
    1. The three primary functions of this ingredient are brain cell formation, neural communication, and brain energy.
    2. In brain cell function, this ingredient maintains neurogenesis, plasticity, and neural repair.
    3. In the case of neural communication, it manages the brain chemicals, fights stress, and identifies the damaged cells in the brain.
    4. While working on brain energy, it improves several functions such as memory recall, mood balance, verbal abilities, problem-resolution, and concentration.

      The most advanced version of phosphatidylserine is this ingredient, and it does not contain any GMOs and utilizes an eco-friendly process for formation.

      The combination of the above two ingredients works in this way – it increases the phospholipids, which thereby strengthen cell membranes and repair them as well. These cell membranes are associated with your mood balance, learning abilities, and brain health. This ingredient ensures that your brain remains healthy and well-functioning over a long period of time.

  3. Ajipure L-Tyrosine – 250mg.
    When you overthink and stress out, your brain burns the chemicals that are much needed for its functioning. This results in a lack of focus, constant distractive state, and brain fog. This ingredient comes to your rescue as:
    1. It restores the brain chemicals,
    2. Promotes synthesis processes,
    3. And maintains the desired norepinephrine levels.

      This ingredient not only works on brain cognition functions but also fights stress and gets rid of related weaknesses. The patented ingredient uses Ferment-A-technology and is free from gluten and GMOs, making it safe for human consumption.

  4. Maritime Pine Bark Extract – 75mg.
    It provides the necessary dose of antioxidants to your brain.
    1. It delivers the nutrients and other important substances to your brain,
    2. Releases free radicals,
    3. And optimizes brain cell plasticity.

      It contains 95 percent antioxidants, making it the most potent version of the ingredient in the market available.

How is Performance Lab Mind better as compared to other Nootropic brands?

  1. Brain Powers and Abilities – Performance Lab Mind boosts brainpower, cognitive functions and makes you work productively without any distractions and recover quickly after long days of work or study. But other supplements simply make you alert because of the high caffeine intake.

  2. Product Guarantee – Other brands do not care if you don’t like their supplement or are not satisfied with the performance. They simply sell the supplement, take the money and never return it to you even in case of dissatisfaction. But Performance Lab owners know the value of your money, and hence, they provide a product guarantee and return your money within 30 days of purchase if you are not happy with the Mind supplement.

  3. Customer Support – As we said, other brands do not care whether you like the product or have doubts regarding it. But Performance Lab owners put the effort by setting up a customer support team. They would like to hear about your complaints and resolve them, and understand your queries and answer them with satisfaction. All these efforts are only done by a conscious brand, and Performance Lab by Opti-Nutra Ltd is the one.

  4. Composition – Other brands do not disclose what they put in their supplement or fill up the capsules with synthetic additives, flavors, allergens, and animal-based content, and even stimulants to make the nootropic look promising. But when we consume it, we experience unpleasant side effects. But Performance Lab owners are conscious of what they add to their supplements and conduct scientific research on each ingredient, seek a patent, and disclose to the customers.

Benefits of using Performance Lab Mind

  1. Cognitive Functions – Memory recall, processing, focus, alertness, and multitasking – these are some of the cognitive functions that are nurtured and strengthened by the Performance Lab Mind supplements.

  2. Blood Flow – The Performance Lab Mind ensures that your brain receives the optimal blood flow, and all the nutrients and oxygen, and glucose are delivered to it efficiently.

  3. Higher Mental Performance Levels – Performance Lab Mind supplements encourages your brain to work on higher mental performance levels in stressful situations and office settings.

  4. Healthy Neural Structure – As your neural structure is fortified with Performance Lab Mind’s ingredients, your memory recall and learning abilities increase naturally.

  5. Rebound – Performance Lab Mind helps you bounce back from a fatigued condition to a healthy and refreshed mind without the consumption of caffeine and other stimulants.

  6. Clarity – Neural regeneration is a must to promote clarity in thoughts and reduce brain fog situations. With this supplement, your neural generation is back on track, and you don’t have to worry about old brain cells anymore.

  7. Healthy Cell Membranes – Performance Lab Mind optimizes and strengthens cell membranes to promote better functioning and health.

  8. No Stimulants – Unlike other nootropics, this supplement does not let you work on stimulants or experience an energy crash.

  9. Patented Boosters – This nootropic contains patented and potent ingredients.

  10. Healthy NutriCaps – The capsule structure is made from prebiotics and is called NutriCaps.
  1. The composition of Performance Lab Mind is natural and does not contain any stimulants, allergens, additives, or animal-based components.

  2. It boosts your brain energy and cognitive abilities and does not let you stay exhausted even after a long, hectic day.

  3. It is legal and safe and does not harm you or make you experience discomfort.

  4. The product guarantee of Performance Lab Mind is of 30 days, and you can get your money back in all circumstances without any complicated process.

  5. Each ingredient contained in this supplement is patented and proven by medical research. So, you do not buy a mixture of random substances but a thoughtful supplement for yourself.

  6. Since it involves brain functioning and powers, you cannot compromise on the quality. Similarly, Performance Lab Mind does not disappoint you at all.

  7. Customers all over the world have been benefitted from this nootropic supplement in terms of increased brain power and capabilities.

  8. You can grab a deal or a discount as you plan your purchases.

It could be a little pricey for someone who wants to buy a single bottle for trial, but the money-back guarantee will ensure safety. Moreover, you can even buy a bulk package instead of spending on single bottles in order to save more.

Get your Brain Firing on all cylinders with Performance Lab Mind, visit Official Website.

Does Performance Lab Mind have side effects?


It is challenging to find scientific evidence of the ingredients added to other brain-related supplements, smart drugs, or nootropics, but Performance Lab Mind is an exception. It is easy to check scientific evidence, and if you have more doubts, you can confirm the same with the customer support team. Moreover, this supplement actually works on your cognitive functions and helps you live a stress-free and highly productive life and achieve your dreams.

Hence, if you are a busy yet ambitious person and want to live the best version of your life, try out this supplement. This nootropic by Performance Lab is liked and appreciated by several people around the world who are fighting stress and aging effects at every level.

Opt for a bulk package and grab a deal or simply buy the supplement for the first time and get covered under the money-back guarantee. No one will ask you questions or force you to buy something that you don’t want. That’s the beauty of online shopping at the exclusive Performance Lab Official Website.

Want to buy Performance Lab Mind?  Top 7 Reason to make this Nootropic your own

  1. Savings on each box and serving if bought in bulk.

  2. Product guarantee for 30 days.

  3. Rapid shipping and free shipping on certain bulk orders.

  4. Discreet packaging facility.

  5. Safe and secure methods of payment are available.

  6. No approval is required from the doctors (unless you have a medical condition).

  7. Ideal for consistent usage to experience long-term benefits.

Performance Lab Mind; Price Structure and Availability

One box for one month$59  
Two boxes for two months$118
Three boxes (one box free) for three months$177  
Where to Buy Performance Lab Mind?Visit the Performance Lab Official Website to Buy the Mind Nootropic.


Q1. For whom is Performance Lab Mind suggested?

Ans.: Performance Lab Mind is suggested for anyone who is struggling with mental stress levels and wants to work on their cognitive abilities such as cognition, processing speed, and others. It is suggested for working professionals, college-going students, and those who are pursuing higher education. Also, it is suitable for entrepreneurs who have to work on their ideas for hours.

Q2. For whom is Performance Lab Mind not suggested?

Ans.: Performance Lab Mind is not suggested for people with brain-related or mental disorders or those who are undergoing relevant supplementation. Moreover, if you have high blood pressure levels or are pregnant or lactating, it is advised to consult a physician before consuming any kind of brain-related supplement. Also, people under the age of 18 should also avoid using such supplements without consultation.

Q3. What is the ideal dosage of Performance Lab Mind?

Ans.: The brainpower capsules of Performance Lab Mind need to be taken 1 or 2 daily. Consume it on an empty stomach and be consistent with the usage. You cannot expect benefits within one or two dosages.

Q4. Is fast shipping available on the purchase of Performance Lab Mind?

Ans.: Of course, one of the highlights of purchasing from Performance Lab is fast delivery and shipping on all orders, including the order placement of Performance Lab Mind supplements.

Q5. How can a customer order Performance Lab Mind?

Ans.: Performance Lab Mind can be ordered by all customers throughout the globe via the official site of Performance Lab. Yeah. We know ordering through a popular and commonly used eCommerce store might seem a little more feasible for you, but you can find fast delivery, a highly responsive customer support team, a money-back guarantee, and exciting discounts on this website. Hence, better go for the Official Website when you want to order for a Performance Lab product and not the other.

Q6. Is a money-back guarantee available on ordering Performance Lab Mind?

Ans.: Yes. Performance Lab is a highly-efficient company and knows the value of the hard-earned money of their customers. Moreover, they also know how to seek the trust of their potential customers. Hence, they have a 30-day money-back refund scheme on the first orders of Performance Lab Mind.

Client Feedback

Name – Ana B. (Los Angeles, United States)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Age – 39
– To calm down after a hectic day.
Feedback“My days are easy to describe – hectic. Office deadlines, new projects, delegating tasks to juniors, household chores, and errands, taking care of kids and spouse – all these come under my orbit of responsibilities, and only Performance Lab Mind is the one who knows me well. It takes care of my mind, relaxes, and calms it down after a ton of busy days. I will suggest it to anyone who wants to take care of their brain and let it relax for the night and function double the next day.”

Name – Alex S. (Sydney, Australia)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Age – 55
– For better memory recall.
Feedback“I don’t believe I have aged, but when it comes to brain functioning, you cannot take it for granted. In the 50s, you tend to experience forgetfulness, like not remembering someone special’s birthday or missing out on an important due date, or forgetting where you had placed your wallet last time. When my spouse suggested Performance Lab Mind and I took it, I could do all these tasks without special effort. I am thankful to my spouse and Performance Lab company as well for taking care of my brain and letting me function the way I used to in my 20s.”

Name – Judah W. (Hamilton, New Zealand)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Age – 29
– For motivation and alertness
Feedback“I’ve been using Performance Lab Mind for a while now and I love it! It really helps me stay motivated and alert. I never feel tired or sluggish when I take it, which is a huge plus. Overall, I highly recommend this product!”

Name – Michelle K. (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Age – 21
– For Fast recovery from mental exertion
Feedback“I’m a student and I often have to spend hours studying for exams. I was looking for a product that could help me recover from the intense cognitive distress and Performance Lab Mind was the perfect solution. It helped me stay focused and motivated while studying. I felt more alert and my cognitive function was improved. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to improve their cognitive function just before an exam.”

Name – Zuehb (Sharjah, UAE)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Age – 47
– For a clean cognitive uplift
Feedback“Performance Lab Mind is a great product that helps with mental energy and cognitive lift. I felt more alert and had better focus after taking it as recommended and for the stipulated time. The product is easy to use and doesn’t have any bad taste. It’s also gender-neutral, which is great. I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for an edge in their day-to-day life.

Name – Lukas P. (Caloocan, Philippines)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Age – 42
– For Stress Release
Feedback“I’m a big fan of Performance Lab products and Mind is no exception. It really helps ease stress and promote a sense of calm. I like that it’s gender-neutral and can be taken anytime, anywhere. The price is also very reasonable. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an easy way to reduce stress.”

Boosting Brain Energy is no Big Deal, Order Performance Lab Mind from its Official Website.
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