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Performance Lab Prebiotic: Welcome the patented, natural, and effective world of prebiotics!

How do you consume prebiotics? Maybe you eat curd and declare you are done for the day, or you just don’t know what to eat. Or you are probably reading this because you are searching for a prebiotic supplement. We know that the market is full of scams and fake prebiotic products that do nothing for your digestive system but drain money out of your bank.

If you are tired of searching for the perfect supplement but really want to improve your gut health and be happy and fit all the time, then we have a solution for you. It is a prebiotic supplement and has been showered with love and appreciation from global customers. It is healthy, safe, gentle, natural, and yes, legal too. Also, you do not need to run after a doctor for a prescription to buy this supplement. Moreover, you can read about the ingredients and learn more about them through their website.

So, let us introduce you to the review of Performance Lab Prebiotic as given below.

Performance Lab Prebiotic Key Points

What is Performance Lab Prebiotic?

Performance Lab Prebiotic is a healthy and safe supplement for upgrading the microbiome using patented ingredients. It encourages the growth of probiotics, improves and regulates digestive health, and ensures fat loss and growth of healthy gut bacteria which results in an improved immune system.

It is a combination of probiotics and soluble fiber to ensure your body’s metabolic activities and higher microbiome performance. Probiotics available in stores or online do not contain the right ingredients and lead to innumerable gastric and health issues. But Performance Lab Prebiotic contains patented ingredients derived from natural herbs and roots and boosts your growth and health. Whereas you never get so many benefits from a standard probiotic but Performance Lab Prebiotic supplement offers a ton of digestive health and other benefits with greater nutrient absorption capacity.

How does Performance Lab Prebiotic work?

The ingredients, Inulin and FOS, contain prebiotic properties and are derived from chicory root. It does not affect the GI tract in any negative way and reaches the colon and nourishes the probiotic strains, and makes them healthy.

According to scientific research, these ingredients shift the Bifidobacterial distribution in your gut to 71 percent from a mere 20 percent. Your digestive system receives comfort and strength through the organic ingredients and becomes more robust.

Performance Lab Prebiotic Ingredients and Composition

  1. Inulin-FOS Probiotic Support – This ingredient promotes healthy and better digestive performance. It breaks down the foods you consume properly and ensures that your gut absorbs the nutrients effectively. It develops pathogen resistance, boosts immune functioning, and maintains nutritional status. Nutritional status refers to the higher absorption of nutrients such as calcium and zinc into your body.

  2. Inulin-FOS Soluble Fiber Support – It provides you with soluble fiber benefits such as stronger digestive health, elimination of toxic wastes from the body, weight management, and control, fat loss, suppression of appetite, less intake of high calories, and balanced heart health. It uses ultramodern nutritional technology and has clinical evidence to improve calcium absorption and improve bone health in a person.

So, you can understand from the above explanation that Performance Lab Prebiotic ensures a healthy gut, bone health, and fat loss benefits, which no other brand provides.

How is Performance Lab Prebiotic better as compared to most prebiotic supplements?

  1. Works on existing strains – Other probiotic supplements in the market introduce new strains and do not work and improve the existing ones, and this results in chaos. The strains grow in unnatural ratios and cause discomfort to your health. But Performance Lab Prebiotic provides comfort and reliability and works on the existing strains, and does not introduce any new ones.

  2. Does not affect the digestive tract – Other brands supply the prebiotics to the colon but get easily tampered with heat or light and even stomach acids. So, no matter how consistent and regular you are with the consumption of these supplements, your gut will never get better. On the contrary, the patented and natural ingredients in Performance Lab Prebiotic do not harm the digestive tract and reach the colon safely.

  3. Complete transparency – Other brands display unrealistic results on their labels, but in reality, they are just a hoax and a way to fool customers. However, Performance Lab delivers what they promise and supply the exact nutrition displayed on the label.

  4. Performance Promise for 30 days – Other brands do not provide this promise or a guarantee, and you lose your money if the supplement doesn’t seem to work in your case. But Performance Lab supplements provide a Performance Promise on all supplements, including Prebiotic.

  5. Fast worldwide shipping – Some brands do not offer worldwide shipping, while some charge a bomb to deliver products. But Performance Lab provides free and fast shipping on certain orders (and it is damn easy and feasible to buy).

Benefits of using Performance Lab Prebiotic

  1. Promotes healthy digestion – Performance Lab Prebiotic promotes proper digestion of the food you consume, ensures your gut is healthy and strong and can absorb nutrients properly.

  2. Improves immunity – This supplement is excellent for a stronger immune system and promotes a healthy GI tract.

  3. Nourishment for the gut – It does not introduce any new probiotic strains but nourishes the existing microbiome and makes your gut healthy.

  4. Promotes fat loss – Performance Lab Prebiotic suppresses appetite and reduces the consumption of high-calorie foods. As a result, this aids in fat loss naturally.

  5. Patented and valuable ingredients – All the patented formulas added in this supplement are derived from natural ingredients. For instance, the Inulin-FOS is derived from chicory root.

  6. Promotes bone health – Since the ingredients are meant for overall well-being and are not limited to gut health, this supplement also makes your bones healthy. It improves the absorption of calcium and other nutrients into the body.

  7. NutriCaps – The NutriCaps are 100 percent natural and are infused with prebiotics. Fermented tapioca is the ingredient used to make these capsules and hence, are perfectly healthy for your well-being.
  1. Performance Lab Prebiotic is excellent in nourishing and strengthening your gut and making your digestive system healthy and active.

  2. It is a natural supplement with no fillers, additives, allergens, or artificial substances.

  3. It is a safe supplement with no side effects.

  4. It is a plant-based supplement and is suitable for everyone of all age groups and dietary choices.

  5. It is a scientifically-proven supplement and can be purchased directly from the website.

  6. The company offers a 30 Days Long Performance Promise which can help anyone who is buying for the first time and wants to return the product in case of dissatisfaction and get the money back.

  7. One can buy single bottles and/or packages, depending on whether you would like to save money or are going for a trial.

  8. It is from a reputed brand, Performance Lab, which is completely into the making and supply of nutritional supplements for varying health requirements of people around the world.
  1. Some customers think that delivery issues could crop up, but if you consult with the customer support team, you can get those resolved instantly.

  2. Single bottles are expensive, and you can avoid the additional costs by going for a bulk package.
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Does Performance Lab Prebiotic have side effects?

Ingredients – Whether a supplement gives side effects or not depends entirely on its composition. If the ingredients are correctly added after scientific research and are natural and have no artificial additives, then you can hope that there will be no side effects. In Performance Lab Prebiotic, you can find the same. The composition is natural, and the ingredients are backed by solid proofs of science and facts. So, there is no chance of side effects.

Nothing extra – Other brands want to cut costs, and hence, they do not spend time and money on research and development and scientific research. Instead, they add fillers, colors, preservatives, and additives to the supplement, making it more hazardous for health. But Performance Lab does not add such fillers to make the supplement look fulfilling. Instead, they keep it as pure as possible and try to deliver complete nutrition.

Precautionary measure – Performance Lab Prebiotic is safe, but it may or may not suit you, depending on your sensitivities and current health conditions. Hence, it is inevitable to consult a doctor and seek their opinion to know whether it is good for you or not.


Are you still confused about whether to buy Performance Lab Prebiotic? We don’t think you should be so because we have done our best to resolve your confusion. Our knowledge-backed review must have helped you to make a wise decision and whether to add the supplement to your shopping cart or not. Buy it; we are sure you will not repent. It will provide you with a healthy gut and strengthen it, and will never let you suffer from any digestive health issues.

Worldwide customers have tried it, added it to their daily routines, and have benefitted from this wonderful formula. It is popular amongst customers because of the science-backed formula and the natural ingredients added to it. Whether you are at a desk job or traveling for work purposes, this supplement will always be by your side.

Choose the package properly; you can settle for a single bottle for a test run or a bulk (yeah, bulk packages are money-saving). But if you buy several supplements from Performance Lab, you can save on the shipping charges. 

Want to buy Performance Lab Prebiotic? Top 5 Reasons to make it yours

  1. Standard savings on each bulk package and serving.

  2. Fast shipping on all worldwide orders and Free shipping on certain-valued orders.

  3. Performance Promise for 30 working days.

  4. Can be purchased directly from the official Performance Lab website.

  5. Excellent for daily usage to improve gut and digestive health.

Performance Lab Prebiotic Price and Supplies

4 Boxes (3 boxes and 1 box free, ideal for 3 Month Supply)  $132  
2 Boxes (2 Month Supply)$88  
1 Box (for 1 Month Supply)$44  
Where to Buy Performance Lab Prebiotic?Visit Official Website to Buy Performance Lab Prebiotic.


Q1. For whom is Performance Lab Prebiotic suggested?

Ans.: Performance Lab Prebiotic is for those who want to quit the regular probiotic supplements and want something robust and powerful for their digestive system.

Q2. For whom is Performance Lab Prebiotic not suggested?

Ans.: Performance Lab Prebiotic is not suggested for pregnant women and lactating mothers. Even if they are suffering from digestive issues, they need to consult a doctor before adding any prebiotic to the routine. Moreover, if you have any ulcers or other health tendencies, it is better to ask your current physician before trying this supplement.

Q3. Does Performance Lab Prebiotic contain allergens?

Ans.: No. Performance Lab Prebiotic does not contain soy, gluten, wheat, and other allergens.

Q4. How can Performance Lab Prebiotic be consumed?

Ans.: For amazing results, you need to take 6 capsules of Performance Lab Prebiotic every day. Split the dosage, 3 in the morning after the first meal and 3 in the evening after dinner.

Q5. Is Performance Lab Prebiotic delivered for free?

Ans.: Well, it depends on the value of your orders. If the value is more than $100, US residents can get the shipping for free. And if the order value is above $250, then the shipping facility is free for worldwide customers. Hence, when you buy any supplement from Performance Lab, plan it effectively.

Q6. Is the Performance Promise a kind of money-back guarantee?

Ans.: Yes, the owners at Performance Lab call a money-guarantee policy a Performance Promise. The brand owner promises that if you don’t like the supplement, it can be returned to the company, and your money will be 100 percent returned.

Q7. Is Performance Lab Prebiotic vegan-friendly?

Ans.: Yes. It is suitable for vegans, no worries.

Q8. Is Performance Lab Prebiotic an artificial supplement or does it require a doctor’s permission to buy?

Ans.: Not at all. Performance Lab Prebiotic is completely safe and contains natural ingredients. It does not require a doctor’s permission to purchase unless you are pregnant, lactating, or have some pre-diagnosed medical condition. You can purchase it directly online from the company’s official website.

Client Feedback

Name – Aisha (Boston, United States)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Age – 46
– For a healthy digestive system.
Feedback“It was not just me who was suffering from digestive issues, but it was our whole family that was going through problems. We altered our diet schedule and added exercise to our routines, but it only helped a little. When our health adviser said we needed to add more prebiotics into our diet, I realized the importance of it. But I couldn’t find time to do so, and then our family friend suggested Performance Lab Prebiotic. It really helped and boosted the effects of a healthy diet and exercise routine.”

Name – Colin (Canberra, Australia)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Age – 54.
– For a healthy gut.
Feedback“I added a lot of fibrous fruits and vegetables to my diet, but I needed something extra for my digestive problems. I had a terrible IBS problem. One day, I thought everything was alright, but later, it turned out to be a disaster. I had to take frequent leaves from work, and it impacted my office promotions negatively. If you want to improve your gut, go for a prebiotic supplement like Performance Lab Prebiotic and not any other prebiotic drinks and packets available in the market.”

Name – Kiaan (Wellington, New Zealand)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Age – 35
– For healthy fat loss.
Feedback“I’m not one to typically write reviews, but I have to say that Performance Lab Prebiotic is worth the hype. I’ve been using it for about a month now and have seen a noticeable difference in my body composition – I’m leaner and my stomach is flatter. The best part is that it doesn’t have any of the unpleasant side effects that come with other fat burners.”

Name – Miseal (Depok, Indonesia)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Age – 27
– For a good immune response
Feedback“I love Performance Lab Prebiotic! I was really struggling with my immune system and after taking Performance Lab Prebiotic, I feel like my immune system is back on track. This product is gender neutral and suitable for all irrespective of dietary preferences, which I really appreciate. Overall, I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for an effective way to boost their immune system!”

Name – Wabisa (Dubai, UAE)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Age – 38
– To control my big appetite
Feedback“I’ve been using Performance Lab prebiotic for a while now and I love it! It helps to control my appetite and keeps me feeling full longer. I don’t feel as hungry between meals and I’ve lost a few pounds without even trying. The product is gender neutral and the price is great, too! I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for help controlling their big appetite like me.”

Name – Catherine (Antipolo, Philippines)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Age – 42
– For Appetite Control
Feedback“I was pleasantly surprised by the Performance Lab Prebiotic. I have always had a hard time controlling my appetite, but this product has really helped. I feel like it has made me less hungry throughout the day, and I haven’t been as tempted to snack. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for help controlling their appetite.”

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